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The Human Voice | Documentary | Dir Iván Uriel | Ink Theater | Mexico, 2016

A film directed by: Iván Uriel Atanacio Medellín


Nostalgia for kisses that stay on the lips, anxiety for hugs that get tired of not giving each other, angry intensity, and heartbreak as a misfortune … as destiny.

Each rehearsal has a note, a nuance, a measure that does not repeat itself the following week, as if the transience of the theater also inhabited the rehearsals. 

Virtuous transience that agitates our minds and becomes memorable …


This is the chronicle of a journey to the interior …

Ivan Uriel

The Human Voice

Dir. Iván Uriel

Ink Theater

Mexico , 2016



In 1930 Jean Cocteau premiered «La Voz Humana» in Paris.

In 2013, actress Karina Gidi interprets “La Voz Humana” under the direction and adaptation of the renowned director Antonio Castro in Mexico.


The Human Voice

Karina Gidi

Dir. Antonio Castro


Team :

A documentary about the staging » The Human Voice of Jean Cocteau »

Director: Iván Uriel
Original Idea: Claudio Sodi
Documentary production: Iván Uriel and Andrés Palma Buratta

Producers: Claudio Sodi , Abe Rosenberg and Joseph Hemsani
Executive Production: Claudio Sodi and María Inés Olmedo
Associate Producers: Daniel Posada and Rodolfo Márquez

Documentary script: Perla Atanacioand Iván Uriel Atanacio Medellín
Director Photo: Iván Uriel and Andrés Palma Buratta
Original Music: Miguel Hernández Montero
Edition: Andrés Palma Buratta and Iván Uriel
Art Design: Ingrid SAC

Link work and documentary: Rina Rajlevsky
Assistant Director: Perla Atanacio
Additional cameras: Luis Ancheita and Perla Atanacio

Collaborators: Gregorio Carrillo , Elisheva Quiróz Friedman and Arturo Arroyo
Creative Advice: Apolo Atanacio

Filmed at: Stage Door Studio and Teatro Orientación .

CDMX , 2016


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Ivan Uriel



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